Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 1945: U.S. Army Strikes Tip of Bulge

The Johnstown Tribune - January 4, 1945
Marion Doyle
Staff Sgt. Stephen Strozak
First Lt. Charles Mauk
Reiley - Baum
Francis Gallagher
Raymond Curanzy
John Conley Jr.
William Howe
Chester Kosulinski
Wallace Kyle
Joseph Wilson
Wassil Katawcsik
Max Gorcoff
George Lesifko
A.J. Haws
Morrellville Literary Club
Miss Lula Brady
George Warner
William Evans
SS. Peter & Paul Church - Jerome
CCC Boys
Ferndale Relief Group
Miss Irene Paul
Miss Alice Shannon
Miss Mary Popovich
Sgt. Freeman Caretti
Pfc. Robert Hertzog
Pfc. Clarence Miller
Pfc. Bernard Lidwell
Pvt. John Sneath Jr.
Pfc. Alfred Peters
Pfc. Eugene Moran
Pfc. Vito Renno
Pfc. Leo DeDea
Pfc. Anthony Grodes
Pvt. Leroy Hamilton
Pfc. George Hudock
Pfc. George Petyak

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