Sunday, December 8, 2019

December 8, 1941 - NIPPON ATTACK PLUNGES UNITED STATES INTO WAR - The Johnstown Democrat

Stork News: Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Henderson - son, Mr. & Mrs. John Proko - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Morton Stayrook - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Newman Connelly - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M'Clintock - son, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Freeburn - son, Mr. & Mrs. William Van Scoyoc - son, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Kott - son
Ads: Thomas Kinzey, Friendly City Bank, Swanks, John Walters Co.
Joseph Varrato, Earl Klinsman, Richard Morgan, Anthony Noel, Richard Hamiley, William M. Thomas, Albert Piro, William Ament, Mart Scheidinger, Robert Kyler, Elmer Ostheim, Percy Shank, James Heslop, James Felix, Robert Miller, Edward Noll, Harry Irwin, Adolph Shonek, George Wilson, George Ross, Charles Sharpe, Francis Reik, Mrs. Ida Freen and Penn 
Quaker Dry Cleaners and Home Furniture Company
Donald Boyd, Dean Burns, Andrew Draksler, Police Chief Harry Klink, Virgil Dixon, Russell Jenkinson, George Stadmiller, Francis Varshal, David Sterling, James McCray, Marie Delaney, Anna Marie Cartwright, Joan Davis, Mrs. H.O. Englebach, Evans Payne, Daniel Torok, Frank Spadinak, Charles Yurasek, Francis Sirocky, Gallikers.
Gately & Fitzgerald Furniture - Johnstown
DeRoy's - Downtown Johnstown
Cletus Seeley, Clyde Goldberg, Merton Goldberg, A.W. Wertz, Mrs. Mary Sehas
The Johnstown Democrat - 8 December 1941

EXTRA EDITION - 8 December 1941 - The Johnstown Democrat

Johnstown Police Chief Harry Klink, Lt Joseph Hatch and Pfc. James Winey
N.O. Smith Service Station, H.R. Hagadus, Mrs. Paul Karakashian, Joseph Strushinsky, Harry Rose Sr., William Fisher, John Stanton, William Constable, Mrs. Ralph Galbraith, Mr. Locella, Miss Minerva Moudy, Herman Couzens, A.J. Bittner, Paul Schompert and Octagon Ad.

 Penn Traffic Ad
Stork News: Dr. & Mrs. Raymond - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kepple - son, Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Penna- daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Brubaker - daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hesaltine - son, Mr. & Mrs. George Schamm - son, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Clevenger - son
Pvt. Frank Mabon
Glosser Bros Ad

EXTRA EDITION - 8 December 1941 - The Johnstown Democrat

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 27, 1945 - Last Newspaper

The Johnstown Tribune - December 27, 1945
Today marks the final World War Two Newspaper. I published 896 papers altogether in a project that ran over three years. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I thought I knew a great deal about the war when I started - but reading the happenings in a day to day basis taught me so much more than any history book could.
Cpl. Richard McVay
Cpl. Seibert Mayer
Samuel Bonow
Cooper - Hetrick
Mrs. Jacob Grosch
Lt. Harry Wagner
Cpl. John Sral
Cpl. Hal Kelly

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - December 26, 1945
Hodgson - Kay
F.O.P. Holiday Party
U.S. Steel Christmas Party
Herr - Spangler

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, 1945

The Johnstown Tribune - December 21, 1945