Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, 1945: Germany Ceases to Exist As Nation by Allied Edict

The Johnstown Tribune - May 24, 1945
154 Seniors Graduate - Somerset High School
W.R. Watt
Cpl. Lucian Woodruff Post, United Spanish War Veterans
Lt. Galen Berkebile
Sgt. Francis Rudolph
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Horner
Supreme Forest Woodman Circle of Carnation Grove Number 5

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, 1945: Konrad Henlein, Traitorous Gauleiter, And Bloodthirsty Karl Frank Captured

The Johnstown Tribune - May 10, 1945
Marine Cpl. George Orlandi
Pvt. Daniel Ott
Cpl. Donald Hammill
Pfc. John Marishanish

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 1945: Goering and Field Marshal Kesselring Captured; Bombing of Prague Reported

The Johnstown Tribune - May 9, 1945
Lt. Christine Beach
Charles Folckemer
James Friedline
Jack Hill
Charles Bash
John Lichtenfels
Frank Smolich Jr.
                                                                  Pvt. Merle Benford
Lt. Doris Friedel
Thirteen Navy Recruits:
Sam Manganello
Mike Valadez
John Fedornack
Stephen Raslevich
Fremont Thomas
John Cunningham
John Davidson
L.W. Ginter
Roy Berkebile
Patrick Meehan
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church - Geistown

Sunday, May 8, 2016


The Geis Store
Penn Traffic
Acme Markets and Johnstown Savings Bank
Glosser Bros.
Johnstown Moose Lodge No. 48
Birth Notes:
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Stiffler - son - Robert
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Yurasek - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Janidlo - son
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ciarabella - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Benny Conzo - son
Beech Spring School - Decker Avenue
Lambie - Albert
Johnstown American War Mothers
Fred Lorenz
Conemaugh-Franklin American Legion
Bacha - Podratsky
Calvary Methodist Church - First Evangelical Church - Willow Street

Joseph Cyburt
Penn Furniture
Johnstown Sanitary Dairy
Gately & Fitzgerald Furniture
Southmont School
Strongstown 4-H Club
Sears, Roebucks and Co.
American Legion 40 et 8,Thomas Kinzey Lumber and Rothert's
American Legion - Johnstown Post 294
U.S. Bank and Miller's
Suppes Motors, Lewis - Bloom Wedding
Adm. Peary Park Purchase
Edgewood School - Woolf and Reynolds
Lt. Curtis Owen
Cpl. Joseph Wojtowicz
George Rose
Sylvester Christner
Andrew Sabo
Samuel Lipko
Fred Lavely
Phil Samuels
Indiana County Circus Bleacher Collapse
Swan Johnson
Joseph Start Jr.
Samuel Walters
Vernon Lehman
Richard Cessna
Mrs. Lotta O'Brien
Arthur Seigh
United Jewelers and Arrow Furniture Company
Paul's, Kline's and Martin's
Joseph McGuirk
Fr. Anthony Ream
Max DeArmey
Sgt. Arthur Brown
Ellen Patsch
Berg's, Johnstown Office Supply and Galliker
Miss Ardriene Nestor
United Steel Workers of America
Livingston Baking Company
Caroline McLain
Cpl. Anson Lantzy
Jewish War Veterans - Post 118 - Johnstown, Pa.
John W. Walters Company
Pfc. John Oswald
Gustave Dobis
Anna Krivos
John Krivos
Johnstown Bank & Trust, Pennsylvania Electric, Super Tire Company and Glessner Furniture
Motor Sales Company, Johnstown Traction Company and Torledsky's
Wedding Bells:
Brubaker - Bittner
Burdine - Pheasant
Gindlesperger - Guyer
Lippie - Holmberg
Powell - Thomas
Raub - Edmiston
Lobash - Roberts
Strandquest - Musselwhite
Stewart - Hutchison
Home Furniture Company, Goldstein & Levin and Gales
Polish Youth Singing Circle and H.E. Wagner Motor Sales
Roxbury Bandshell
Mrs. Bertha Richner
Mrs. Mary Barbarich
Jeanie Lifebure
Bernard Murphy
John Wiland
Mrs. August Sundberg
Gary Motter
Benjamin Conner
George Sichler
Levy's Sport Shop and Cambria Motors
United Furniture Company and Schiff's Outlet Shoe Store
Pfc. James Mahaffey
Thomas Prout
Pfc. Gomer Jones
F/O Gerald Freed
Mrs. Alberta Diamond
Sgt. Charles Keim
James Pearson
William Janick
Pvt. Joseph Vetro
Donald Gohn
Cpl. Joseph Wojtowicz
Pfc. Edwin Phillips
Pvt. Robert Rososky
Pvt. Howard Falatic
Alfred Patton
Pvt. Elmer Lang
Pfc. Andrew Lucas
Cpl. William Shaner
Pvt. Stanley Vonsovich
Pfc. Warren Enos
Pfc. Richard Frazee
Sgt. Charles Keim

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7, 1945: Germans Announce Surrender But Confirmation Is Withheld; Still Fighting in Czecho-Slovakia

This is a rare treat - a complete paper - The Johnstown Tribune - May 7, 1945 packed full of news and names....names and even more names Given the large amount of people mentioned - I only included the ones that were most important -  so it might be worth your while to go thru every page. Though will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of VE Day - tomorrow - May 8th. Over in Europe - today is considered their VE Day. 
Pfc. Joseph Paluch, Fred Krieger, Pvt. Emory Stockberger, Pfc. Clarence Nagle, Gerald Page and Anna Rankin, Neff the Magician.
Pfc. Andy Marcus
Louis Von Lunen (water lines - 17th Ward), George Gocher (flowers stolen from grave at Grandview), Bicycle race from Johnstown to Benscreek, Field Day at Southmont School, Maytime Festival, Pigeon Race from Ohio to Johnstown, Cpl. David Thomas, Lt. James Custer, Cpl. Frank Kovalchik, Pfc. Irvin Schnek - MIA, Jean An Bridges.
Tech Sgt. Joseph Siplivy, Tech Sgt. John Donahue
Mrs. Minnie Overdorff, Robert Havyer, Nancy Kennedy, D.C. Smith, Charles Held, Walter Myers, Roberta Wentz, Mrs. Freda Helsel, Paul Holtzman, Pvt. Irvin March, Pvt. Stephen Farr, Pfc. Paul Howard, Pfc. Donald Kamler, Cpl. James Hillegas, Pvt. Joseph Domenick, Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Florence Mennett, Sgt. Verna Grape, Edward M. Burns, Noah Carter, Roy Lee Baxter, Andrew Tomchik, Ralph Craig, Frank Compel.
Cpl. James Hillegas, Mrs. William Pringle, Cpl. Jess Chapman
Obits: June Wagner, Marcus Oppenhelmer, Gary Motter, Mrs. Maria Salas, Mrs. Emma Ritter, Mrs. Janet Llewellyn, Mrs. Marie Conzo, John Abler, Frank Murray, Henry Maust, Stephen Hudak, Mrs. Bertha McCloskey, Mrs. Rhuea Hartmann, Frances Ambroe, Emil Tacik, Mrs. Martha Griffith, Mrs. Clara Denning, Samuel Caldwell, Mrs. Laura Lybarger, William McCool, Charles Wister Irvin, Mrs. Mary Hughes, Emma Neilson, George Dively, Mrs. Mary Barbarich, Mrs. Thomas Cullen, Mrs. Frank Stokes.
Birth Notes: 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Samo - son Micheal George
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Dunn - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Golian - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. John Wojnarowski - son
Aviation Cadet & Mrs. Robert Stutzman - son
Mr. & Mrs. Oswald Holtz - daughter
Master Sgt. & Mrs. Irwin Goldberg - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. William Quarles
Mr. & Mrs. E. Marshall Griffith - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fern - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Johnston - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Daphon Fronzoli - son
Petty Officer & Mrs. Isadore Misler - son
Mr. & Mrs. John Kolesko - son
Sgt. & Mrs. Stewart McConville - daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sablotski - son
Other Names:
Mrs. Amelia (Parks) Martinez
Seaman First Class William Snyder - MIA
Staff Sgt. John Kushner, Staff Sgt. Mike Urda, G.A.R. Group to meet
Mrs. Blanche Donahey, Robert Thomas Reed Jr., Margaret Stevens, Frances Itell, William Thom, Arthur Speedy
James Henry Kent, Nelson Remson, George Lape, Fireman William Roberts, Fire Chief John Moran, Charles W. Snyder, Cpl. Frank Verhovsek, John Hughes, Miss Beatrice Miller, William Jannick, James Pearson, Karl Stremel, Charles Restivo, August Febbe, David Gottdeiner, Edward Meredith, Pfc. Andrew Mayko, Pvt. Raymond Rhue, Pvt. Joseph Best, Pfc. Robert Pinkett, William Snyder, Pfc. Joseph Paluch, Pfc. Clarence Nagle, Ensign Robert McFarland, Vincent Stefanini